PercX Manual

PercX Manual

Welcome to the user manual of PercX. You can read this manual either directly in PercX by clicking on the ("...") button in the topbar and then on the help (?) button, or visiting the online manual directly in your browser.

This documentation will be regularly updated and we'll make sure to react on user feedback to please let us know if something could be explained better.

To jump right into PercX, its recommended to start reading the Getting Started tutorial for a quick walkthrough of the most important features of PercX.

PercX internal tooltip system tries to cover the most basic explanations of its functionality. Some controls can't be explained in one sentence, though. For these controls, there are more detailed descriptions in the manual. Every time you see this icon:

you can jump directly to the documentation by hovering over the control and pressing the [**F1**] key, or if the control has a context menu on right click, to use the Show Help item.